Hands off wild animals

I watched a news item on TV about golden eagles in Scotland being pursued to their eyries where their chicks were needled to extract tissue samples for DNA testing by scientists.

I want the people who carry out, or condone, activities such as this to know I vehemently oppose them.

We already know why Golden Eagles and other species are declining and endangered: human interference. Measuring their DNA can’t save them and sampling like this will hasten their destruction.

Intrusion into their territories, homes and bodies, using privileges granted to scientists, is stressful for wild creatures. It can cause psychological trauma, habitat damage, chick abandonment and reduced reproduction.

Animal capturing, enclosure, translocation, banding, radio-attachment, veterinary procedures and vaccination are also harmful.

The hypothesis is propounded that such treatment benefits the species, if not the sampled individuals. It is wishful thinking and because it can never be refuted, it is dishonest.

Vaccination of wild koalas and Tasmanian Devils is wrong. Humans do not have a mandate to intervene in evolution. Some species will rise and others will decline with change. What humans should do is minimise the effects of human change that intrudes on wild animals’ living. For example, to protect them from human infections.

Treatment by vaccination of species’ endemic infections, such as chlamydial and papilloma viruses, is a domestication strategy okay in zoos but wrong with wild animals. It is misguided to attempt to freeze the current inventories and populations of species.

Humans should not let their dealing with wild animals be corrupted by the cruelty common in their treatment of domesticated animals and other humans. They must respect animals’ sovereignty in their territories and their rights to privacy.

I call on scientists to stop using wild animals, which is bringing them into disrepute.

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