Short of Love coming mid 2019


Tom Archer falls for university student Vicki Hillstone, who tricks him with a lie detector test and finds out he is bedding town girl Barbara. Tom frames a straddle in the commodity love, going long on Barbara and short on Vicki, to reduce his overall vulnerability and get back together with her later, as he follows a glittering career in the petroleum industry. Tom’s carefully calculated plans fall apart tragically, with Tom and Vicki’s roles changing from the 1960s to 2008. After their traumatic beginning, can they ever become a couple?


About martinknox

Materially minimalist; gastronomically prefer food I cook; biologically an unattached male survivor; economically independent; sociologically a learner and teacher of science; psychologically selfaltruistic; anthropologically West Country English tenant farmer; religiously variable; ethically case by case; philosophically a sceptical Popperian.

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