I demonstrated earlier how a runner can go further in less time, without speeding up.In my novel Time is Gold, Maxi learns to dilate her marathon running time and win.
Electromagnetic signals travel very fast through pathways from her brain to her legs and back again. The signal speeds are fast and cause her time to dilate relative to her reflex response time. We can’t see inside brains or neurones and measure signal speeds, so it cannot be scientific. Psychologists often speculate by analogy and modern physics does too. The credibility of the thought experiment rests on analogy and intuition. The appeal of her time dilation is that it is logical and plausible. We’ll see later that there is evidence that time dilation occurs in the brain. It’s a real effect and Maxi can use it to get an edge on rivals.’
The book explains a well known women’s 400 metres performance in 1994 as evidence of a champion runner’s ability to dilate her time.
Dilation of time can be inferred from evolutionary biology. When an animal has insufficient time for a considered response, it does not freeze in homeostasis, or go into slow motion, or become incoherent. It responds in its own time. We can infer that animals have evolved by natural selection to respond in time that is different for each species. If an animal did not respond fast enough, a predator could grab it. Response times have adapted by time dilation. The brain times of surviving individuals have had to dilate to allow escape. If their response times slowed for intellection, predators would pick them off.’

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