1. Energy use is voluntary and consumption varies between countries.
  2. Energy use costs natural resources, human toil and expenditure.
  3. No energy can be recycled to the same use
  4. No energy sources can be renewed.
  5. Pollution by combustion of fossil fuels is mostly from heat and water vapour emissions.
  6. Carbon dioxide does not trap infrared in the atmosphere more than other gases. Causes of any warming and cooling trends are unresolved.
  7. Thermal pollution can accumulate on Earth.
  8. Energy consumption is unlimited except by cost and is a status symbol of wealth.
  9. Energy ends up warming oceans, warms the atmospheric and goes out into space.
  10. Heat emissions from devices increase entropy (low temperature heat), are unrecyclable and cause warming.
  11. To reduce global warming, we need to use less energy. Replacing efficient fossil fuel suppliers of electricity with ‘renewable’ supplies will cause more warming, not less. 

These answers are theories forming a paradigm shift in climate science, explained in a satirical fiction story.

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