Dealing with Covid 19 particles has interaction and uncertainty, with a hope of overcoming them through technological skill, population commitment and good leadership.


Dormant; Contact transmission; Surface transmission; Vector transmission; Infection; Reproduction; Virility increase; New variant; Deactivated


Travel restriction; International borders closed;  State borders closed; District borders closed; Quarantined entry; Self-Isolation; Public transport restricted; Private transport restricted; Event crowd restriction; Restriction of gatherings in public spaces; Social distancing in public spaces; Restriction of custom in restaurants, businesses; Home gatherings restriction; Closure of businesses; Closure of schools; Compulsory masking; Cleaning; Sterilisation; Wearing PPE; Compulsory testing; Contact tracing; Vaccination; Immune System Strengthening.


Human purpose of play is to prevent infection by virus particles. The virus purpose could be to reproduce and infect humans. An infection could result from one, or very many, virus particles. Human moves can oppose virus particles movement. Because there are many virus particles and they are small, human defence can counter applying many technologies simultaneously. Because virus particles are small, elimination of virus particles cannot be observed. Implementing many technologies can disrupt social and economic living. Alternatively, humans can decline to defend and accept casualties. The consequences of inaction are not known. 


Reduction of deaths and hospitalisations to pre-pandemic rates is sought, indicated by decline in number of positive tests to zero.


Opposition to an almost invisible enemy requires an objective response based on testing, contact tracing and diagnosis. Controlled tests are required to detect its presence and prevent spreading. Preventive cautionary moves require sound objective reasoning to show benefits that surpass the value of costs to the community. In default of reason, allowing the disease to run its course should be considered.

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