1. The Earth retains warmth under atmospheric gases: nitrogen, oxygen, water vapour, argon and carbon dioxide.

2. Increasing carbon dioxide to 0.0415% has not increased heat retention significantly.

3. Earth’s oceans, atmosphere and land receive heat energy from solar radiation, human combustion, forest fires, volcanoes, geothermal activity and from exothermic chemical reactions.

4. Earth is cooled by radiation into space, especially at night and in winter.

5. Most energy captured, extracted, wasted and used on Earth ends up as low temperature heat in the oceans, land and atmosphere.

6. When more energy is used than is radiated into space, heat accumulates causing warming.

7. To reduce warming globally, all humans must waste and use less energy.

8. Energy supplied, from all sources, is unable to be renewed and heats the oceans, land, atmosphere and space.

9. To reduce global warming, humans must reduce energy consumption using the most thermally efficient technologies.

My novel Animal Farm 2 explains these viewpoints.

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