‘The Enhanced Greenhouse Gas theory is that CO2 warms the atmosphere,’ said Stanley. ‘We are testing it. We emptied two identical grain silos and filled one with air and the other with pure COgas. We put an infrared heater inside each.’

 They went inside the air silo. The test simulated the absorption of radiation at the surface of the Earth and heating of the atmosphere.

‘Why did you use infrared heaters?’ asked Pamela his partner.

‘Because atmospheric warming is said to be mainly by IR from the Sun,’ said Norman. ‘It passes through air and warms at surfaces.’

‘Would the IR radiation heat the air?’

‘Indirectly. This model has a metal wall absorbing IR instead of the Earth’s surfaces, quite different to vegetated land or ocean water. The warmed surfaces would warm the gases by convection and circulation, like the atmosphere.’

‘I measured air temperature in here several times daily for a week.’

‘Did the air warm up?’

‘About 10oC. Now, let’s go into the other silo and see the rise with pure COpiped in from the vodka fermentation plant to flush out the air. The set up is identical.’ 

Sophie hesitated to go in. ‘

‘Can we breathe pure CO2?’

‘The CO2 has gone — I have let air in.’

They went inside. 

‘Why did you go for pure CO2? Air has only 0.045%?’ said Pamela.

‘I figured it would be easiest to see any difference with 100% CO2 and then scale the results proportionally back to 0.045%. Proportional effects can be scaled up or down.’

‘If pure CO2 trapped more radiation, as claimed, this one would become warmer.’

‘Would the effect be greater with 100% CO2 than 0.045%?’

‘Hell yes. If there is any warming effect with 0.045%, we would have it in a big way in here. About 2200 times greater than with air having only 0.045%.

‘Was the effect in here greater?’

‘The temperature increased to 12.5oC, but we reduced it because CO2 has 20% lower heat capacity and it would get hotter. Then temperature was the same as air: about 10oC.

‘Does it reject the EGHE theory?’

‘No, but this evidence would refute it. It is an estimate from IR absorption data. The test has to be done precisely and repeated many times.’

‘Hopefully someone has done a fair test, or will do it.’

See Animal Farm 2, by Martin Knox, 2021, p149, 156 available from Amazon.

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