Novel Fiction for Christmas


This political satire is an exciting sequel to George Orwell’s ‘Animal Farm’ (1945) with animals taking over a farm after the Revolution, in the Cold War and up to modern times. They are ruled by pig totalitarianism, seek liberation and discover that climate science has a new paradigm with an optimistic outcome. 


This is nail-biting novel fiction in which Maxi, an Australian marathon runner, is determined to win Olympic Gold and break the world record. Her training is guided by her partner Jack, whose neuroscience research discovers that Einstein’s Special Relativity can plausibly enable her to stretch her time in ‘flow’.


At Liverpool University in the Beatles era, Tom is an engineering student who falls for Vicki, a psychology student. When she tricks him, he puts her off for later with a satirical trick of his own: a commodity short. It backfires and they try to get back together but his work as CEO of a Canadian oil company causes friction. This is a biofiction page-turner.


A crime fiction thriller set in fictional Alexandra, ruled by partisan self-interest, Westminster government and a hung parliament. When iconic sassy Councillor Jane Kenwood, the only independent, disappears, her partner and colleague, who is a forensic scientist, investigates. Dr Phillip Keane leads a think tank to consider the possibilities with meticulous logic and chilling precision. A story that will keep you guessing.


An Australian saga speculating on Australia 250 years in the future, extrapolated with scientific objectivity from trends in: population growth, migration control, religious conflict, industrial collapse, deurbanisation and rising sea levels. The nation is governed by the Yabras, an Indigenous dynasty.

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