‘Short of Love’ is a fiction novel by Martin Knox in which Tom meets Vicki and investigates possibilities for living with her in different communes. He visits the defunct New Australia commune in Paraguay, also a jungle commune in Peru and the historical Agapemmone at Spaxton, Somerset, UK. He decides to start a shipboard commune on a purpose-built ship to aid in international disasters and considers gender mix, cohabitation rules, personal property, work sharing commitments and recruits a crew of women. Will Vicki join him in the commune? The story is an epic tale of Tom’s search to live meaningfully and his obsession to be with Vicki.

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Materially minimalist; gastronomically prefer food I cook; biologically an unattached male survivor; economically independent; sociologically a learner and teacher of science; psychologically selfaltruistic; anthropologically West Country English tenant farmer; religiously variable; ethically case by case; philosophically a sceptical Popperian.

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