Earth’s tectonic plates constantly subduct, moving under or over each other and draw apart, causing land and seas to rise and fall. Relative levels between oceans and land change slowly, with sea level rising or falling different amounts depending on location. Monitoring of Earth’s sea level from space probably cannot measure, with the millimetre precision required, over long enough time intervals, making measurements remotely with satellites having decaying orbits and other astronomical complexities, as well as meteorological variations, which could be significant for the tiny measurements of changed distance.

Logical universal sea level rise, assuming an increase in the volume of Earth’s water by melting of floating ice, or by expansion of its volume by global warming, has been contradicted by results of laboratory tests. Melting of grounded ice could cause land to uplift and sea level to fall. 

Locations having rising sea level, or sinking land, causing inundation, could respond by seeking politically to resettle their people at a non flood-prone place. Seeking retribution from nations consuming most fossil fuels is far-fetched, not least because those nations would also be suffering inundation along their coastlines, by the same reasoning of universal sea level change, as has been shown above to be false.

Other climate science falsity is exposed in my satirical novel Animal Farm 2.

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