Einstein’s theory of Special Relativity explained how, in a faster timeframe, an object nearing the speed of light takes less time. The objects he considered were spacecraft containing astronauts, whose time would dilate compared with others who were relatively stationary.

I have assumed that Special Relativity could apply in contexts other than space, with speeding objects limited at rates derivative of the speed of light in media other than vacuums.

By analogy, impulses travelling in neural pathways nearing the limiting speed of electromagnetic radiation, would dilate time compared with slower neural signals such as reactions to stimuli. When neural impulses occur within the long pathways of the brain near limiting speed, performance could take less time compared to others in a slower timeframe. They would take fewer longer seconds, seeming to be faster.

It is hypothesised that an athlete could improve her running performance by training to increase both her cognitive and unconscious brain speeds, at the same time developing strength to run faster.

Causal effectiveness of this proposal cannot be observed in a functioning brain and therefore empirical validity is lacking. Effectiveness of brain training can be compared in running competition. Anecdotal evidence from runners experiencing ‘flow’ is congruent. Timelessness and time dilation may be aspects of the same phenomenon.

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