Science is not able to predict large scale phenomena like floods with certainty.

In a speech he gave at Harvard on May 26, 2023, the actor Tom Hanks told graduates at their commencement that the nation needed men of iron and women of steel, like them, to be ‘superhumans’, a newly incorporated justice league of avengers, who could rescue TRUTH in the nick of time.

‘Because truth is no longer empirical;

‘Because truth is no longer based on data;

‘Because truth is no longer common decency;

‘Telling the truth is no longer the benchmark for public service. It’s no longer the salve to our fears or the guide to our actions. Truth is now considered malleable, by opinion, by zero-sum end games,’ he explained.

‘Imagery is manufactured with audacity, with purpose to achieve the primal task of marring the truth with mock logic to achieve with fake expertise, with false sincerity.’

. . .

‘Now, literally, you can’t believe your eyes,’ he said. ‘Someone will report the way you wish it, full of alternative facts.

‘Rejigging the rules of the playing field depends on where you are on the money food chain or on the moral spectrum.’

Hanks exhorted the graduates to hold TRUTH sacred, unalterable, chiselled into the stone of the foundation the Republic. He wanted them to volunteer honesty, honour and sincerity to expose truth: ‘If you don’t, who will?’

Australia is without a Bill of Rights and is unable to make a similar call to arms. TRUTH is also under threat in Australia and the need is similar.

My novel Brisbane River Anti-Memoir presents TRUTHS about threats to many Brisbane residents from the river, as perceived by my phenomenological analysis, requiring government responses. A superhero makes appearances calling for TRUTH, JUSTICE AND A BETTER TOMORROW.

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