Animal Farm 2

Animal Farm 2 continues George Orwell’s 1945 political satire Animal Farm, updating it to include the Cold War and its aftermath, within a broader context of the superpowers’ environmental movements. The farm is on Caruba, a tropical island controlled by the Social Republic near the Democratic Union, who are in an arms race and space race with them. Pigs had led a rebellion of the animals, ousted the farmer, taking control and ruthlessly exploiting the animal workers.

When the farm animals discover coal on the farm and mine it to supply a power station constructed on the farm, they become embroiled in the climate and energy manoeuvring of the DU, SR and Caruba governments. They realize they are victims of totalitarianism. The animal workers study pidgin and climate science, denouncing fake science and fighting for animal liberation to obtain their freedom at any cost. The satire is humorous with animal characters based on leaders of superpower nations, an animal liberationist and a climate campaigner.

Coming in 2021
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