Brisbane River Anti-Memoir

Philosophy of an Aquaphile

This story is the anti-memoir of Chance, an immigrant to Australia from the UK, who has an affinity for water and lives by the Logan and then the Brisbane rivers, where he is a victim of monstrous river flooding and desiccating droughts.

Wanting protection, he first investigates conditions with an ego-driven analysis striving for scientific detachment. His findings are inconclusive until he changes to philosopher Heidegger’s method, phenomenology. His understanding broadens to include his ‘Being’ in cultural, historical, political, social and economic contexts of the rivers, with individual experiences.

He enjoys the recreational possibilities of his living place and focuses on the potential for reducing river flooding. His analysis finds many actions authorities can take to protect people from flooding and prevent damage to their homes. He eventually comes to terms with the risk of his home flooding.

The story is uplifting in revealing a philosophical approach to living with uncertainty.

For many people on a similar journey, Knox’s prescription for risk-taking could be enlightened.

Could flooding due to obstruction of the river channel by sediment and bridge islands be prevented?  

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