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Animal Farm was published in 1945 by author George Orwell, satirizing collectivism at a time when western countries felt threatened by Russia’s communism.

Animal Farm 2 by Martin Knox is a new sequel to Orwell’s satire, from Soviet to modern times, when western countries may feel vulnerable to Russian restoration and expansionism.

 The farm animals are on Caruba Island under superpower influence. They have learned English and climate science, to challenge the ruling pigs who exploit them cruelly. They are forced to labour in the farm’s coal mine. When the pigs shut it down, they are without pay and energy.  Will the animals revolt again and depose the pigs, who deposed the farmer?

The animals are seeking animal liberation but how would they govern the farm?

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George Orwell’s satire about farm animals who revolt, is updated by Martin Knox in his novel Animals Farm 2, about farm animals on a tropical island, reminiscent of Cuba, under Soviet control. The farm has a series of totalitarian leaders, all pigs, contemporaries of their Soviet and Russian counterparts. After the Revolution, pigs exploit the other animals terribly. 

On the island, the animals’ work mining coal is stopped by climate alarm. The animals study climate science and discover false appearances of a climate ‘spectacle’.

The story plays out superpower geopolitics from the Cold War, the Bay of Pigs invasion and Perestroika, up to modern times, with Russian empire rebuilding and capitalist profiteering by the major powers.

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Animal Farm is a novel written by George Orwell on the cusp of peace in 1945. It satirises a new world of peace threatened by totalitarianism. He uses farm animals to portray, simply and honestly, the inhumanity and logical deficiencies of the incipient Soviet system. 

Martin Knox has written a sequel, Animal Farm 2 (2021). The story is a new episode of the satire, with farm animals struggling under totalitarianism which continues after the end of the Cold War up to modern times. It updates us on a world that is adjusting to central control of responses to climate change and a new world without access to fossil fuels. The animals debate changes imposed on them, revealing science that has been faked. They want to revolt again, but will they be able to escape from rule by pigs this time?  

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Earth’s tectonic plates constantly subduct, moving under or over each other and draw apart, causing land and seas to rise and fall. Relative levels between oceans and land change slowly, with sea level rising or falling different amounts depending on location. Monitoring of Earth’s sea level from space probably cannot measure, with the millimetre precision required, over long enough time intervals, making measurements remotely with satellites having decaying orbits and other astronomical complexities, as well as meteorological variations, which could be significant for the tiny measurements of changed distance.

Logical universal sea level rise, assuming an increase in the volume of Earth’s water by melting of floating ice, or by expansion of its volume by global warming, has been contradicted by results of laboratory tests. Melting of grounded ice could cause land to uplift and sea level to fall. 

Locations having rising sea level, or sinking land, causing inundation, could respond by seeking politically to resettle their people at a non flood-prone place. Seeking retribution from nations consuming most fossil fuels is far-fetched, not least because those nations would also be suffering inundation along their coastlines, by the same reasoning of universal sea level change, as has been shown above to be false.

Other climate science falsity is exposed in my satirical novel Animal Farm 2.

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