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No. Heating of Earth’s atmosphere is unlike a greenhouse and the concept ‘greenhouse gases’ (GHGs) is redundant according to paradigm-shifted climate science theory. 

Infrared radiation absorptionBy GHGsBy all gases
Solar radiation absorbedCaptured by 0.041% of gases that mix with and heat 99.06% of gases.Heat emissions convected from Earth’s surface and retained by all gases. 
Cause of global warmingCarbon dioxide traps infrared radiationHeat emissions disperse into oceans, land, air and space.

Occam’s Razor requires us to prefer the simpler of any two theories. The paradigm shifted explanation above is simpler, omitting greenhouse gases. Evidence is that infrared heaters heat restaurant surfaces and patrons but not the air directly, warming it by convection and circulation of gases of the air. Heat emissions, not GHGs are the main cause of global warming. Carbon dioxide is not a problem.

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Sequel to George Orwell’s novel Animal Farm

Animal Farm 2

Review for The Book Commentary

by Jane Riley June 1, 2021

In the tradition of George Orwell’s Animal Farm, Martin Knox has crafted a fable with strong political and social lessons about power and class struggle that are eminently evident in contemporary society. The novel introduces a farm located on a tropical island called Caruba. The farm is controlled by the Social Republic, a political entity that is embroiled in a cold war with the Democratic Union. On the farm, a revolution initiated by the Pigs has toppled the farmer. Now the Pigs exploit the animal farmers with cruelty and utter callousness. Everything changes when the farm animals discover coal on the farm and exploit it for their power supply. Their activity on the farm attracts the interests of the Caruba government, the Democratic Union, and the Social Republic. In the name of environmental protection, the animal project can be transformed into a tool in the hands of totalitarian leaders, but will the poor animal workers allow it to happen?

Intelligently plotted and brimming with humor, Animal Farm 2 compels readers to think about contemporary political and social realities. In this novel, readers will read about the kind of intrigue that is played out frequently in today’s political landscapes. The author writes conflict from a fresh and metaphorical perspective, allowing human drama and division to reflect on the reality of animals that labor on a farm. It is interesting to watch as the tension grows in magnitude, escalating to a moment when the animals have to determine whether climate change is a hoax and what happens when they are forced to rely on renewable energy. While Martin Knox writes about animals in this spellbinding story, he succeeds to infuse the narrative with realism, allowing qualities of humanity to reflect on the animals without failing to strengthen the anthropomorphism that elevates the quality of the narrative. The prose is dazzling, the characters nuanced, and the tale is one of the struggles for social justice set against a realistic backdrop of political intrigue and oppression. Animal Farm 2 is as thoughtful as it is hilarious, the very finesse of political satire. It will go down as a classic.

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Continuing George Orwell’s story Animal Farm (1945) the animals discover coal on the farm and the pigs enslave them as miners. The animals want liberation and they get paid for their work. They contest superpower climate science they realize is illogical and threatens their living conditions. Will the animals achieve liberation?


Maxi Fleet is a high school student who is an outstanding and ambitious distance runner. Her physics home tutor adapts Einstein’s theory of relativity and coaches her to run in dilated time and ‘in flow’ against elite runners. Will she achieve her goal of the World marathon record?


Tom and Vicki meet when they are students at Liverpool University in the Beatles era. Their relationship is disrupted by misunderstandings and they live apart in different countries. Will they be united by their opposition to scandalous trading in petroleum by a government in Africa?


Jane Kenwood is a feisty independent councillor for Alexandra city. When she tries to stop a casino development, she disappears and her friend Dr Phillip Keene, an innovative forensic scientist, leads the search for her and her abductors. Will they be in time to find her alive?


250 years in the future, Australia has a young indigenous Prime Minister: Abajoe. He and his partner Siti hold the nation together when it is threatened by population growth in neighbouring Bhakaria, with pressure to accept immigrants, religious division, famine and floods. Will the government be brought down?

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