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Saving of oil resources is required to supply future aviation, road vehicle and maritime fuel demands. The novel Short of Love is set in the international oil supply industry, with dramatic events from the Beatles Era to the Global Financial Crash. When oil is produced by flushing it out with water, about 70% remains in rock pores. Tom Archer is a petroleum engineer concerned about this waste and champions a new technology which could make better use of depleting petroleum resources in Canada, Australia’s Bass Strait and the UK’s North Sea. Tom’s sights are set on becoming CEO of his large oil company. His partner Vicki campaigns for his company to be more responsible. Will they succeed? The story is an epic tale of love conflicted by career aspirations based on true events.

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Those who are able to see beyond the shadows and lies of their culture will never be understood let alone believed by the masses. Plato.

Novel ideas in fiction stories for thinkers.

Animal Farm 2: totalitarianism, climate change, animal liberation.

Time is Gold: Einstein’s time dilation.

Short of Love: Love as an economic commodity experiment.

Presumed Dead: Crime reconstruction by Euler Walk.

The Grass is Always Browner: Malthus’ population control by disease, famine and war.

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Martin Knox’s novel Short of Love traces Tom’s and Patti’s relationship from a UK university in the Beatles era to recent times.

Tom’s priority is his career and when he meets Vicki he is distracted. 

When a relationship with her would be too demanding, he places her in a holding relationship with his flat mate, until later when she should become available on better terms, like in a commodity short? It is a solution that reveals his nerdy philosophical imagination.

He goes to work as an engineer in Canada and waits for terms with her to improve. He achieves a top management position and strives to connect with her, despite several accidents which keep them apart.

This is a fictional rendition based on a true story which reveals how love can have conditions that create difficult choices and unexpected consequences, revealing controversial ethics in the international petroleum industry.

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Continuing George Orwell’s story Animal Farm (1945) the animals discover coal on the farm and the pigs enslave them as miners. The animals want liberation and they get paid for their work. They contest superpower climate science they realize is illogical and threatens their living conditions. Will the animals achieve liberation?


Maxi Fleet is a high school student who is an outstanding and ambitious distance runner. Her physics home tutor adapts Einstein’s theory of relativity and coaches her to run in dilated time and ‘in flow’ against elite runners. Will she achieve her goal of the World marathon record?


Tom and Vicki meet when they are students at Liverpool University in the Beatles era. Their relationship is disrupted by misunderstandings and they live apart in different countries. Will they be united by their opposition to scandalous trading in petroleum by a government in Africa?


Jane Kenwood is a feisty independent councillor for Alexandra city. When she tries to stop a casino development, she disappears and her friend Dr Phillip Keene, an innovative forensic scientist, leads the search for her and her abductors. Will they be in time to find her alive?


250 years in the future, Australia has a young indigenous Prime Minister: Abajoe. He and his partner Siti hold the nation together when it is threatened by population growth in neighbouring Bhakaria, with pressure to accept immigrants, religious division, famine and floods. Will the government be brought down?

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