Characters – Love Straddle

Selwyn ArcherFirst year engineering student at Liverpool University of Technology (LUT) UK. Very intelligent, hard worker, geekish, gangly and awkward mesomorph. Always looks worried. Does not show emotions. Avoids social activities. Does not get jokes or sarcasm. Tells irrelevant monologues. Thrifty efficient minimalist. Owns only two sweaters, knitted  by mother and identical. Washes his hands before going to the toilet. Wants to get first-class degree and become an oil tycoon.
TomClassmate with Selwyn. White Jamaican. Has chronic acne on back. Talks to inanimate objects. Always optimistic; dances reggae everywhere to portable record player. Wants to get good degree.
Larry AnapolisClassmate with Selwyn. Enthusiastic gang leader. Tall with barrel chest. Has a phobia of dog excrement. Always creating stunts to self-promote. Seldom studies and hands in work copied from Selwyn. Wants to be powerful.
RichardClassmate with Selwyn. Strong white Ugandan endomorph. Garrulous debater who interrupts others with loud interjection of conventional views. Astonishingly hairy body. Picks invisible lint off his clothing while conversing. Wants to get a first class degree and become a wealthy financier.
RogerClassmate with Selwyn. Schooled in Kenya, mature and pragmatic outlook, blind without glasses. Enjoys fixing under cars. Smokes continually. Gravelly voice. Wants a good degree and to become an oil expert.
BruceClassmate with Selwyn. Australian who quotes literature irrelevantly and inserts swear words into other words e.g. ‘What is the assignbloodyment?’. Always chews a toothpick; tries to speak with New York gangster accent. Wants to get a good degree and become a business analyst.
JozefGraphic design student at LUT; Polish origin. Light ectomorph. Friendly with Larry’s engineering gang. Wants to do PhD research into governance of liberated Poland.
Howard ArcherFarmer in Yorkshire Dales, Selwyn’s older brother, rugby player. Wants to travel and find a wife who would be happy on farm.
Vicki HillstoneFirst year biology student at LUT. Parts long copper coloured hair to see out. Angelic oval face and shapely body. Strong values, ardent feminist, good listener, good debater, skilled discussion leader, sometimes loses her temper with scratchy screams. Very idealistic and wants to help impoverished children.
BridgetFirst year chemistry student at LUT. Straightens hair with a flat iron. Idealistic and a passionate activist against racial discrimination. Skilled at clarifying racial problems. Wants to get a good degree and do PhD research into ethical drugs for treatment of mental disorders.
BarbaraLiverpool dental assistant went to school with Lisa and Margot. Looks like fashion model Twiggy, thin and bony. Dresses conservatively in blouses and skirts at knee length. Lacks self-confidence and generally submits to others. Self conscious in groups.
Hugh StevensonEngineering PhD student, Sidmouth Hall. Bearded, boisterous, and loud, he humorously ridicules everything and everybody. Well-liked, he makes his own clothes; wears white suits. He cannot be persuaded to willingly fit into a group.
RachelSelf-employed ex-Art College student, youth revolution activist, brunette, big hair, hotpants and long boots. She adores discussing philosophy and her work in progress is her amazing personality.
RuthStatuesque Canadian school health advisor, autocratic, radical feminist who loves children and wants to have a baby as soon as possible.
William TinibuBlack-skinned postgraduate student in petroleum engineering at LUT. Debater with lofty political ambitions at home in famine-ravaged Bigeria.
HelenHippy Calgary psychologist, colour coded clothing, idealist, activist for rights of indigenous people, opinionated, forceful, feminist.
Bryce CullanOwner and skipper of the sailing yacht Ermelo, from Johannesburg, South Africa. He is a tall, blonde-haired, raw-boned, Apartheid policeman, autocratic, racial bigot.
AlanCrewman on yacht Ermelo, heavy weather sailor, solicitor, London.
AngieWomen’s Liberation movement barrister
BelindaAccountant, drives sports car
Bob WalkerChief Executive Officer, Canoil, engineer, energetic, compassionate, talks in idioms and cliches.
Charles PicardPrime Minister of Canada, pompous, reformer, suspicious of Canoil.
ClareNurse, Liverpool Hospital, adventuress.
DeborahIce-skater, Olympic Gold medallist, adventuress.
EstelleHippy, American, short, constantly quotes movies.
GenevaHippy leader, American, charismatic, radical feminist.
GildaClassmate with Vicki, petit, pleasant.
GregBeefy crewman on yacht Ermelo, accountant, Durban,
HayleyStatuesque, red hair, student social worker, James’ girlfriend.
Heather ArcherSelwyn’s younger sister, at high school studying for university entrance.
JamesPetroleum engineer ex-LUT petroleum engineer with Canoil, balding..
JenniferFirst year chemistry student at LUT, classmate of Vicki, attractive, blonde.
LindaFirst year sports science student at LUT, tall, attractie, netball player.
Lisa WeinsteinLiverpool business secretary, insightful, attractive, Larry’s girfriend.
LynneFreelance News Reporter, London, adventuress.
ManfredReservoir engineer at LUT, friend of Selwyn.
MariaNovice crewperson on yacht Ermelo, casino croupier, attractive, Brazilian-African.
MargotLiverpool medical receptionist, ebullient, Tom’s girlfriend.
MathyPhD research student at Leeds Uni, from Sri Lanka, adventuress.
Peter HuntleyEx-petroleum engineer, aerobatics instructor, living in UK.
Ralph GooderChairman Canoil Board, tall, white-hair, tanned, paternalistic, ruthless.
RobertDales farmer, friend of Howard, rugby player.
SallyLUT Engineering Department Professor’s secretary, adventuress.
SandraLiverpool real estate investor, young, American, adventuress.
ScotPhD research, mechanical engineering, artificial limb developer, Toronto, tall, dark, athletic
StaceyHippy, American, tall, awkward, diffident
ThugCanoil bodyguard, stocky, snow trekker.
VanessaHippy, American, short, self-absorbed
WendySailor in Around Britain races; adventuress
WilburAmerican, LUT researcher into commodity markets.
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