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Short of Love

Zeus Publications Book Release – Short of Love

Book Launch

Presumed Dead

Book Release (media release)- Presumed Dead

Zeus Publications Book Release – Presumed Dead

Launch Invitation (coming soon)

The Grass is Always Browner

Author’s Presentation at launch of the novel


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  1. I was at Martin’s launch last night. Aside from the inevitable formalities of the evening, I found Martin to be very gracious. He did not come across as arrogant at all. I was at Avid Reader bookshop for Nick Earl’s launch of his latest novel, The Fix ( BTW excellent read ) and overheard Martin Knox talking to someone about his launch. Curiosity got the better of me and I bought his novel, The Grass is Always Browner. My initial opinions were based on his appearance and the title of the novel.I thought I was in for a conservative pessimistic rant. How wrong I was. From what I’ve already read and after listening to Martin Knox last night I find Martin as a person and his writing to be uplifting and strangely positive. I certainly will be following his writing with great interest. Martin Knox you have me intrigued!

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