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Orwell’s 1945 novel Animal Farm tells how the animals revolt, drive the farmer out and run the farm as an animal collective. In this satire, the pigs takeover the farm, mirroring the totalitarian state after the Russian Revolution in 1917-1923.

Animal Farm 2 by author Martin Knox, continues the satire, set on Caruba Island, updating geopolitical events with the Cold War, re-emergence of the Russian state, Animal Liberation and Climate Change. The animals speak English and debate science as they critically evaluate superpower manoeuvring from their position as workers. This is a humorous and imaginative story, with enlightened views of global events.

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George Orwell’s political satire Animal Farm (1945) has been extended and updated into modern times by Martin Knox.

Controlled by pigs, the other animals work Animal Farm until they discover coal there and mine it for supply to a power station. When the power station is ordered shut down, they are concerned about losing their jobs mining coal. Wanting liberation, they question climate change and the effects of combusting coal compared with using renewable energy, with surprising conclusions. The novel has a blend of superpower politics and climate science with a host of amusing animal characters.



George Orwell’s book Animal Farm was published in 1945, correctly anticipating the Space Race and the Cold War. Animal Farm 2 by Martin Knox recollects Soviet events that followed and updates Orwell’s satire of totalitarianism in his 1949 book ‘1984’ up to modern times, with the focus on energy and global warming. The book sends up world climate politics in the superpowers, as they jostle for position in a global Reduced Energy Deal. Despite ruthless control by the pigs, the Farm animals learn climate science and discover there are flaws that require a paradigm shift away from renewable energy. Will the animals seek liberation and overthrow the pigs? The animals’ analysis of global warming is a hard-hitting, meticulously scientific, accurate and carefully explained satire.


My book is at the publisher’s and I am able to relax after a career dealing with energy technologies as a chemical engineer and science teacher.

I feel duty bound to tell the theories of my alternative paradigm before public policy disasters occur. I do not accept that it is too late or disloyal to criticize authorities who are responsible.

Animal Farm 2 has three major themes: animal liberation, totalitarianism and climate change. Meat eating is pilloried as speciesism and hypocrisy. The book is more concerned with animal welfare than achieving the sanctity of vegan diets.

The focus on totalitarianism takes the baton from George Orwell’s, relating World events since Stalin’s death as continuation of dictatorships, tyranny, oppression and fear. These have continued on a fictitious island called Caruba and elsewhere, into modern times.

My story satirizes climate science. It morphs into the emissions control space a new radical climate science paradigm, killing several sacred cows. It refocusses concern for global warming on to heat emissions and consumption of all energy.

The concern of the book is to draw attention to ideas in the climate science space that are satirized by portraying farm animals considering them, seriously with good humour.

I am speaking out because there are climate delusions and conspiracies that don’t make good sense to be exposed. I haven’t speculated on existence of evil puppeteers pulling the strings to keep the Middle East in turmoil, nor on cabals of scientists trying to destroy the coal, oil and tar sands industries. My concern is arbitrary relation of false climate theories to energy technologies, as climate alarmism and restriction of emissions.

The book isn’t intended to be the last word on anything, with the new climate science paradigm as a philosophically sound scientific rework of climate control arts.

I expect the book to be published by June 2021. Pre-orders can be made online at through my website or on Amazon and other bookstores. Pre-releases will be available. 

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