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Orwell’s 1945 novel Animal Farm tells how the animals revolt, drive the farmer out and run the farm as an animal collective. In this satire, the pigs takeover the farm, mirroring the totalitarian state after the Russian Revolution in 1917-1923.

Animal Farm 2 by author Martin Knox, continues the satire, set on Caruba Island, updating geopolitical events with the Cold War, re-emergence of the Russian state, Animal Liberation and Climate Change. The animals speak English and debate science as they critically evaluate superpower manoeuvring from their position as workers. This is a humorous and imaginative story, with enlightened views of global events.

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Animal Farm 2 is a sequel and update on George Orwell’s novel Animal farm (1945).

The story is about totalitarianism, animal liberation and climate change.

The animals have difficulty imagining the amount of global temperature increase and the alternative causes possible. They have most evidence of global warming coming from all kinds of heat emission, including entropy increase from domestic and transport consumption of energy, amid balanced daily solar cycling. An enhanced greenhouse effect is an unnecessary complication, that promotes renewable energy. To reduce environment warming, it is logical to reduce consumption of energy of all kinds.

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Animal Farm 2 is a novel and exciting story by Martin Knox, that sequels George Orwell’s iconoclastic political satire Animal Farm (1945). It continues the totalitarianism, updating it with animal liberation and global warming on the farm, up to contemporary superpower politics.



George Orwell’s political satire Animal Farm (1945) has been extended and updated into modern times by Martin Knox.

Controlled by pigs, the other animals work Animal Farm until they discover coal there and mine it for supply to a power station. When the power station is ordered shut down, they are concerned about losing their jobs mining coal. Wanting liberation, they question climate change and the effects of combusting coal compared with using renewable energy, with surprising conclusions. The novel has a blend of superpower politics and climate science with a host of amusing animal characters.


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