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Why is it better to vote independent?

Presumed Dead is political crime fiction thriller that explores this question within a Westminster System government. A feisty woman city councillor is able to replace partisan gangs with participative democracy.
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Marry in haste . . .

Dating, becoming a couple, marriage and divorce have been hit or miss, as if first impressions and intuition should be enough. Love relationships are in the early stages of becoming analysable, fairly negotiated and worthwhile.

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Economics of Love and Marriage


Is a match between a man and a woman guided by the perception of each of value from an exchange? Here is a link to a text with theories of prices for lovers.

In love, men and women try strategies that do not always succeed. My new novel ‘$hort of Love’ explores an alternative process of valuation a man uses.

Short of Love – Book Launch

The eagerly anticipated launch of Martin Knox latest book Short of Love has been announced.

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