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Are city councils too small for political competition?

Are bears better at dancing than debating? Presumed Dead is a book that shows what can go wrong in a Westminster System council ruled by partisan duopoly when it supposed to consider approval of development of a megacasino. It takes an independent councillor who is elected mayor to inaugurate a non-partisan council. This is a political crime thriller that exposes weaknesses familiar in town hall politics, with entertaining drama and a positive perspective.

Best City Plan Competition?


Urban planners should look into the future, at least to 2050. Their political masters are unlikely to be interested in anything beyond the next election after 3 or 4 years, not much further than 2020. Our city plans grow like topsy with amendments and without vision. By default, city development is left mostly to corporations whose vision is to benefit shareholders maximally. Urban designs have had little regard for the public good, order, symmetry, connection and beauty. Public transport has been neglected for too long. Why not create grandeur like Paris? Could the log jam preventing reasonable city planning be cleared by holding a Best City Plan Competition? To make it happen, please share this post and send the message to your Premier, the Lord Mayor, your MLA or City Councillor.

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