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This book is a page-turning biofiction spanning decades from Beatlemania oil to international oil industry hegemony. Tom wants Vicki, but she plays hard to get and he puts her aside for later. He is diverted by a relationship with someone else, by having children and by an ambitious career as a CEO overseas. Events don’t work out the way he plans, but after the children have left home, he tries to revive his relationship with Vicki. Will he be able to get back with her? Short of Love is a novel that satirises dealing in love as a commodity short, with insights into a relationship where a man tries to reduce his vulnerability to love that adversely affects his career. This is an action-packed story in the UK, Canada and Africa with ethical and humanitarian dilemmas.

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Should a criminal be more cautious than a theatre medic?


Why should criminals scrub up and scrub down more carefully? Medics may be at risk of infecting patients (Golden Staph) or spreading infections from patients (Ebolla) — but usually not both with the same patient. But for every crime, the criminal may leave evidence at the crime scene and take evidence away, according to Locard’s Exchange Principle. Theoretically at least, a criminal’s attire and interactions could require more caution to avoid detection!

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