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The Grass Is Always Browner (2011) is a speculative fiction political thriller by Martin Knox.

Australia is the driest continent, with a population of 25 million. A thought experiment with a biological model predicts population 250 years in the future. The scenario has a secular Aboriginal prime minister, Abajoe, trying to stop sectarian conflict, civil insurrection and conflict with neighbours. He is in love with Siti, an Indonesian. Industry and the economy have collapsed following famine and a previously urban population has dispersed from coastal cities, to live on acreages for self-sufficiency. Cities are deserted and flooded by rising sea levels. The novel extrapolates credible future living conditions with sound science and innovation. This epic tale explores in detail a forecast of an arguably dystopian Australian future.

Is road widening loosening our belt to cure obesity?

This is the route proposed for a Brisbane Underground Railway Circle Line.Circle line

Please consider some alternatives that would reduce dependence on roads.

Brisbane Circle Line 050219

Martin Knox




Boundary Street, West End, Brisbane

With immigration and population growth, an influx of knowledge workers is demanding inner-city housing to suit their inner-city work and lifestyle need. Investors are buying in adjacent suburbs, residents are having to move over and students are moving out. But a gentrified suburb could soon decline from fashion. Knowledge worker jobs could be devolved from the CBD to satellite centres (see article below). Residences that preserve value best will offer authentic lifestyles and counter the lifestyle destruction.


Ask your federal candidate for a BTA

Brisbane car drivers delayed by worsening road congestion are well aware that spending on roads, parking, bridges and tunnels is futile and endless. The city needs a comprehensive public transport solution. Could Queensland’s Federal political representatives urge the Queensland Government, of a Brisbane Transport Authority, to integrate 3 levels of government and 6 modes of travel? Could this underground railway system be compared with the alternatives by the new BTA?
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Circle line

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