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Get your smarts into this.


Euler discovered that if you make more entrances than exits, you will be stuck there! In the crime fiction novel Presumed Dead, the crime reconstruction is solved using this insight. How smart is that?


How lucky is crime investigation?


Many crime fiction stories are solved by luck, by coincidence, by interrogation and by confession. These are not often available in investigation of real crimes and the CI has to rely on search for evidence and analysis. This can be haphazard or systematic and efficient. In the political crime fiction novel Presumed Dead, the CI follows an Euler Walk to reconstruct the crime efficiently. The method could be widely used, even by other crime fiction writers.

Crime investigation strategy

The novel ‘Presumed Dead’ employs an Euler Walk, that Euler considered with the famous Seven Bridges of Konigsberg problem.Seven Bridges puzzle Read the rest of this entry

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