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Can trust make love less vulnerable?

Trust chain as business concept

‘Short of Love’ is a fiction story that explores some possibilities for securing a relationship, with unexpected results.

Can exclusivity be assumed?


Satirical fiction novel ‘Short of Love’ tells what can happen in a narrative that is alternately amusing, shocking and deeply familiar.

Should a couple bring equal assets?


What if a man’s or woman’s assets are more/less?
My satirical novel ‘Short of Love’ explores unusual and amusing ways differences can be resolved and what can go wrong.


Economics of Love and Marriage


Is a match between a man and a woman guided by the perception of each of value from an exchange? Here is a link to a text with theories of prices for lovers.

In love, men and women try strategies that do not always succeed. My new novel ‘$hort of Love’ explores an alternative process of valuation a man uses.

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