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In the wake of an insurrection in the US on January 6th, 2021, it will be interesting to see how long before Australia’s republicans again want to do away with the Queen’s Governor General, as if the role is expendable.

My book: The Grass is Always Browner, on Amazon, is a political thriller of speculative fiction that considers Australia’s political future with leadership by a dynasty of Aborigines. 

Will my vote in the BCC election matter?

On 28 March 2020, Brisbane and 77 councils across Queensland had local government elections. Councils’ political processes under the Westminster System are described in a crime fiction novel ‘Presumed Dead’ by Martin Knox. Read this exciting story to find out how local government works — and fails.

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Could this book change how you vote for political parties? 

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A person becomes mature when their character and integrity stabilise. National maturity could have similar precepts. Racial maturity could be absence of racism as a facet of national character, aggregated somehow for all members of the population. The election of Barack Obama, a person of colour, to be President of the United States of America from 2009 to 2017, was a milestone in the nation’s maturity following the ending of slavery with passage of the Thirteenth Amendment in 1865. His appointment demonstrated Kant’s Categorical Imperative: people should act as they would want people to act towards all other people, viz: Without racial prejudice.
Is it possible that the Black Lives Matter protests, consequential to the Obama experience, have been fuelled by unfulfilled expectations of even more racial maturity?
In 2020, Australia’s indigenous population is 3.3% and one in four Aboriginal people are in custody. For an indigenous person to become president of an Australian Republic, more racial maturity would be required. In my speculative fiction novel The Grass is Always Browner, set in Australia 250 years in the future, the British monarchy has been displaced by an Aboriginal dynasty in the core of government. The nation would then have achieved the racial milestone the USA has already achieved.
My concern is inclusion of all races, rather than to change governments.


Response to the current crisis has been actioned mainly by authoritarian governments.

Authority requires people to obey, when they could transmit the disease to others by following their own beliefs. The disadvantage is for people who are compelled against their beliefs, who perceive evidence, inconvenience and reasons to take an opposed view.

Suppose a person is considering a COVID-19 edict about isolation, social distancing, work closure, or restrained shopping. When rules are definite and obedience is sanctioned by law, they might consider choosing one of 4 possible alternatives.



OBEY 1-Conformist 3-Maverick
DISOBEY 2-Prototype 4-Matthew Effect

What are the social corollaries of these choices?

1-Conforming will pay off if the ruling is correct. Choice of dominant leadership by the majority is usual in a crisis but might be rejected as fascism when less urgent.

2-The protoype obeys when others don’t. Self-sacrifice could be involved and martyrdom is unlikely to change the outcome. Machiavelli might have recognised it as the worst choice.

3-A maverick disobeys, benefits from the majority’s obedience and pleases himself. He could be worsening the situation for the others. It is a selfish strategy, one that Machiavelli might have recognised as his best choice.

4-The Matthew Effect is going with the majority. The advantage is to hide in the crowd from rulers and from blame.

This simple analysis has been intended to describe choices that matter to everyone. Sled dogs must pull in the same direction.


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