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How unstable could local politics become when an elected council becomes hung?

If party politicians join independents on the cross-bench, would developments wanted by the public be more or less likely to be approved?

‘Presumed Dead’ is a novel by Martin Knox set in a fictional council chamber within the Westminster system. Corruption at the big end of town is suspected when Jane Kenwood, a feisty councillor, disappears.

Is it easy to be politically independent?

Book trailer video

Jane Kenwood tried and her story is told in crime fiction thriller Presumed Dead by Martin Knox.
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Who wants multiculture?



Multiculturalism that promotes maintaining the distinctiveness of multiple cultures is often contrasted to other settlement policies such as social integrationcultural assimilation and racial segregation. Multiculturalism has been described as a “salad bowl” and “cultural mosaic[4] in contrast to a melting pot.

In the novel ‘Presumed Dead’, when a CBD site is to be awarded to a megacasino, an alternative multicultural centre seeks consideration.

When development is a gamble, who could have to pay?

'Presumed Dead' is a crime fiction thriller about how things went wrong when a fictional government considered development of a mega casino.

The novel ‘Presumed Dead’ is a crime fiction thriller about what could go wrong when a fictional City’s government considers development of a mega casino.

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