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Why is it better to vote independent?

Presumed Dead is political crime fiction thriller that explores this question within a Westminster System government. A feisty woman city councillor is able to replace partisan gangs with participative democracy.
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How bad is party overcontrol?


Presumed Dead is a political crime fiction novel that reveals how governments within the Westminster system can be inadvertently corrupted by political parties at every level.

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Videos in legislatures: better or worse?


Can government be completely transparent?
How can government be accountable if it is confidential?
Is the public good a matter for elite consideration?
My political crime thriller novel Presumed Dead has the solution.
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Is an independent party an oxymoron?


A true independent acts alone and only enters alliances temporarily. Voters may need to be persuaded not to expect their indie rep to cover all the bases — the job is too big. The novel Presumed Dead explores indiedom. See book trailer:

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