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Marry in haste . . .

Dating, becoming a couple, marriage and divorce have been hit or miss, as if first impressions and intuition should be enough. Love relationships are in the early stages of becoming analysable, fairly negotiated and worthwhile.

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How can a think tank be creative?


It solves real problems by discourse between individuals with a wide range of complementary skills who explore boundaries and generate innovative ideas. The group dynamic is impersonal, objective, critical, non-competitive and mutual. The group may hone their creative interaction by recording proceedings and playing parts back to reinforce contexts leading to lightbulb insights.
In the political crime fiction novel Presumed Dead, crime reconstruction is performed by a think tank.

Is the political party over?


“The political parties are there to distract us from our systems of government; instead of focusing on the system, we focus on political parties to vote for.
Voting is our only encouraged interaction with our systems of government.
The choice between political parties fractures our nations yet further, turns our focus on each other, and away from the mechanisms of our systems of government.”
― Haroutioun Bochnakian

This is the setting of the political crime fiction novel Presumed Dead.

Are causes effects?


An event that occurs earlier can be considered to cause one that is later, it there is time. Science may be able to explain how one event can cause another. Usually, there are several possible causes and several possible effects. Causation is sometimes attributed to an earlier event that is merely associated: by accident, by coincidence, in parallel or by deception.The earliest or original cause may be called the ‘motive’.

Teleology is the philosophy of explanation of phenomena by the purpose they serve rather than by postulated causes. Thus causes may be considered in simultaneity with effects.

In the crime fiction novel Presumed Dead, causes and effects are deduced and chains of hypotheses reconstructed.

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