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Cast your vote well,

Being represented by a party’s hell,

Your voice must get through,

Not the lazy ambitions of party bosses.

Their multiplication of division,

Prevents your unity being heard,

Except when herded into a duopoly.

Select an independent voice.

Don’t listen to the party faithful,

In their party gangs,

Thinking of themselves,

Not thinking of you nor of your future.

Give your vote to one who could represent you.

© M Knox 2022

Presumed Dead is a crime fiction novel, by Martin Knox, set in a hung parliament that goes non-partisan.

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Who needs political parties?


Transition to non-partisan legislatures could create new loyalties more concerned with the public interest. Allegiances to temporary factions could replace adherence to traditional duopoly and control by major parties, reducing the efficiency of Westminster government. Political representatives, who are held to account by constituents at three or four year intervals, could have their independent voting behaviour scrutinized continuously by those they represent. Without being able to hide behind their parties, politicians would have to work harder to serve those who have elected them.

The political crime fiction novel ‘Presumed Dead’ is set in a political system where political party control over development in a city is challenged by popular reason and overcome.

Is parliamentary democracy working?

THE WESTMINSTER SYSTEM — is is being corrupted? In the novel ‘Presumed Dead’ proceedings in a legislature are seen under a microscope.


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