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You may already be using ‘flow’ for optimal achievement that is timeless. Extreme flow is ultra goal-focussed, fully mentally engaged and skilled to automaticity. Enforced isolation is an opportunity to attain these through more concentration, less disruption and honing of your skills in any occupation. Benefits are improved performance, dilation of your time and delay of aging. My novel Time is Gold explains how an endurance runner trains to break the world record using Extreme Flow. Book available on Amazon


Why strive? Unless you are a masochist, or obligated to a sadist, you need to understand why you habitually compete, train, perform, rehearse, withdraw, study, read, write, paint, lift weights, golf, run, swim, diet or engage in physically and mentally strenuous activities. 

Maybe you do it to relieve physical exuberance, social sensation or to ease status anxiety.

You could also do it simply for the joy of it.

Joy manifests happiness, which according to Aristotle, is the Chief Good. There are 4 kinds of Happiness recognised by the Happiness Alliance: hedonism, eudaimonia, spiritualism and flow. I believe Extreme Flow is optimal achievement that dilates time. 

Extreme Flow is joyful accomplishment by focussing on a personal goal with full and skilful mental engagement. It is not meditation or mindfulness. Nor does it nurture you to seek external rewards. The joy comes in achieving continuously, striding over hurdles like a succession of sub-goals that are part of achieving the overall goal of a personal best. It is joy you can have training and performing. It is joy that takes your mind off the pain in your body. Your mind has to be totally committed to your every stride.

My futuristic novel Time is Gold tells the story of Maxi, who trains using Extreme Flow to break the world marathon record, coached by experts. It is available from Amazon.


Leonard Bernstein said ‘to achieve great things, two things are needed: a plan and not quite enough time.’ Do you get more done before a deadline? To perform your best, you need deadlines you can tackle in a series so you hurry all the way. The benefits of hurrying are several including time dilation, according to Einstein. With your mind fully engaged, you can stretch your personal time in its faster frame, finish earlier and stay younger. This theory of Extreme Flow is explained in my new novel, Time is Gold, available on Amazon, for anyone who wants to get more done in their performance time: musicians; writers; runners and others


Scott Kelly in 2016 was in space on the International Space Station (ISS) for 340 days. NASA reported that “Scott’s telomeres (endcaps of chromosomes that shorten as one ages) actually became significantly longer in space than his twin brother’s on Earth. In 1984 Elisabeth Blackburn had discovered telomerase, an enzyme that lengthened DNA strands offsetting stress and aging.  In 2009, at the University of Melbourne, Professor Blackburn was awarded a Nobel Prize for the discovery of how chromosomes are protected by telomeres. Thus Scott’s aging was indicated to be delayed while he was speeding in the ISS

The lengthening effect on Scott’s telomeres is attributed to his speed of 7.7 kms per second dilating his time, not to gravity or other differences in space. Time dilation in faster time frameworks, viewed from slower, is predicted by Albert Einstein’s Special Relativity Theory in 1905. It has never been refuted. It is validated whenever you find your way with a GPS navigator, because this identifies your location using Einstein’s time dilation equation to correct for differences in speed between fast-moving satellites and your car.

Scott’s result was a brief delay in aging but supports my analogous theory: Extreme Flow. It predicts performers with limited time can get more done sooner and live significantly longer lives. The theory is explained in my novel Time is Gold, about a marathon runner who breaks the world record. It is fiction, because subjective time is difficult to test scientifically. It is epistemologically valid and anyone can try using extreme-flow to improve their performance in time and delay their aging. The book will be released on Amazon shortly.

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