Martin Knox was born in England in 1946. The speculative fiction novel The Grass Is Always Browner was published in 2011 and general fiction novel Love Straddle in 2014.  Presumed Dead was published March 2018. Time is Gold, a general fiction novel about marathon running, was published in 2020, Animal Farm 2, satirical fiction in 2021 and recently Turkeys Not Bees was released in 2022. The latest book Brisbane River Anti-Memoir is available September 2023.

Author Martin Knox
Author Martin Knox

Early in his working life he was a chemical engineer and later, a management scientist researching alternative models of government planning. He worked in the UK, Canada, the USA and Australian nuclear, tar sands, petroleum, coal and coal-to-oil industries. He was awarded 1st Class Honours in Chemical Engineering from Birmingham University and worked in the petroleum industry in Canada.

Martin Knox researched alternative systems of government at Imperial College, London. He emigrated to Australia to be employed in mining development. At age 40 he became a high school science teacher and wrote a textbook that was published, during that time. After which he wrote full-time for several years publishing a course in Senior Multi-strand Science and went on to teach it on-line to distance education students.

Since 2013, his main occupation has been writing fiction novels. His two marriages resulted in wonderful children and grandchildren, but also divorce. Always a thinker and doer, he writes letters, sings in a choir, draws figure art, discusses books, movies, philosophical ideas, government planning and current events.

Since August 2016, after completing Presumed Dead, he has been re-writing an abridged version of Love Straddle, A Girl Short, planned for 2019. There’s always a new writing project in the pipeline.

Martin Knox Author
Martin Knox relaxing at home where he writes full time.

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