Turkeys Not Bees

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Chance is detained for breaking quarantine in a future virus pandemic. He is an individualist whose PhD research project is held back by Australia’s growing Supernanny overreach into levelling of sport and athletics competition.

He had been a risk taker as a youth, was disaffected as a university student and struggled as an employee in engineering, until he is influenced by the existential philosophies of Frederic Nietzsche and Simone De Beauvoir.

Researching risk-taking of performers for a PhD, he meets Megan, an elite pole vaulter who becomes his girlfriend. He facilitates her adoption of Martin Heidegger’s phenomenology and Mihaly’s flow, taking control of her training, opposing Supernanny regulations and breaking the World record.

The lovers catch a pandemic virus and are quarantined. They campaign against mandatory vaccination, as a portent of a dark future in which turkey-like human individualism is menaced by bee-like Supernanny socialism. Their protest movement topples the city government.

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