Time is Gold

Time is Gold

Martin Knox

Speculative fiction by Martin Knox

It’s 2026 in a beachside town in Australia and Maxi Fleet is running towards her dream of one day competing in the Olympic marathon.

With an eclectic team of coaches, Maxi explores how to push her mental, physical and emotional boundaries. Will Jack Cram, an ambitious PhD physics student with an innovative theory, alter Maxi’s running to be faster in extreme-flow?  Informed by physics and the pain and rewards of marathon running, but inspired by science imagination, this is the story of two ambitious personalities in a growing love relationship who explore what a runner can endure in the zone of extreme engagement.

Maxi and Jack give their venture everything they have. If Maxi achieves her goal, Jack’s theory will be established and adopted widely by athletes, creative artists and entrepreneurs. If she doesn’t, who has more to lose:  Jack or Maxi?

  • Running
  • Physics
  • Extreme flow
  • Zone
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