The February 2022 flood impacted 23,400 properties. The next flood could impact more properties if cyclonic rainfall encounters a deteriorated Brisbane river flow channel. Flooding could affect more properties and is a problem able to be reduced by early community action before it could occur.

My new book Brisbane River Anti-Memoir analyses the Brisbane River flooding problem from the engineer’s Cartesian perspective and then by philosopher Heidegger’s phenomenology, which considers the potential for reducing flooding.

Brisbane River flooding is probably being worsened by obstructions constructed in the river: bridge support pillars; piers; jetties. Ending of dredging in 1996 has reduced removal of sediment accumulated from erosion of farmland. Approved construction of buildings and earthworks on the river flood plain flow have probably reduced river flow ways.

The book considers philosophically advantages and disadvantages of residing in a city beside a river that floods, suggesting how future impacts can be minimised. The author adopts both scientific and humanitarian perspectives, viewed from his flood-prone home.

Book available from Amazon. My blog has information about my books.


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