The arena in which public policy about Brisbane River flood management is debated has not been transparent to those threatened by further flooding. The government appears disinterested in the following.

Brisbane River flooding is being worsened by:

  • Obstructions constructed in the river.
  • Sediment accumulated from erosion of farmland and ending of dredging.
  • Flood plain flow reduction by building and earthworks on it.
  • Reduced mitigation of floods by dams, due to excessive storage of town supply water.
  • Inadequate forewarning of rainfall events and consequences.

These issues have had little action and seem to have been hurriedly removed from government agendas without resolution. Player interests are established, concealed, possibly with conspiratorial bias against Brisbane residents who are flood prone. Little is being done to protect them from further flooding.

Much could and should be done. The February 2022 flood impacted 23,400 properties. In the next flood there could be many more, due to a cyclone encountering a deteriorated Brisbane river flow channel. This is a community problem, not victims’ alone. Shame!

My new book Brisbane River Anti-Memoir analyses the Brisbane River flooding problem from the engineer’s Cartesian perspective and then by philosopher Heidegger’s phenomenology, which considers the potential for reducing flooding, including how to prevent more incursions on the river flow channel.

Book available from Amazon. My blog martinknox.com has information about my books.

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