Brain impulse times are limited by route capacities

I have proposed previously that an endurance runner can reduce her time by time dilation. It is predicted to occur as a corollary of Einstein’s Theory of Special Relativity (1905), when a neural impulse in stimulus response nears maximum speed in the cognitive medium. Response to a stimulus in the time frame of the central nervous system would be much faster than a reflex reaction in a slower time frame that does not involve the brain. Time relativity would dilate the time of response, which would be in less time, earlier, use less energy and more competitive.
It is speculated that when fast impulses are nearing maximum capacities in longer neural pathways, their time dilates relative to local reflex reaction traffic at lower speeds, so travel times by longer routes are inferred to integrate with and coincide with shorter.
Maximum capacity of a runner’s central nervous system may be experienced as ‘flow’. Runners call it ‘in the zone’ or ‘runners’ high’. Psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi called it ‘optimal experience’. He describes it as a condition with goal focus, mental engagement, skilled performance and automaticity. The timelessness a runner observes may be associated with time-independence. A runner ‘in flow’ can be so engaged in a race that they forget the pain of running, lose track of time and are surprised how far they’ve come.
Endurance running in flow is more enjoyable. Flow has been explained as transient hypo-frontality. It reduces stress reactions by limiting prefrontal responses of fear, fright, flight and fight. In my forthcoming novel Time is Gold, an endurance runner trains to sustain extreme-flow and improve her competitiveness by time dilation.

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