Earth’s heat balance is certainly complex. Combustion emits carbon dioxide, water vapour and heat. Carbon dioxide has received most attention but heat probably causes most global warming. According to the greenhouse gases theory global warming is caused by carbon dioxide, but increased heat from Earth sources could cause warming, with solar radiation absorption and emission continuing as in the past. 

Heat energy to warm Earth’s land, oceans and atmosphere, is emitted by respiration of living things, by combustion of vegetation and fossil fuels, by capture of renewable energy replenished by the Sun and by geothermal processes. Some heat produced is radiated into space, but my calculations indicate the remainder is sufficient to add to normal solar warming and cooling, causing warming noticeable near city heat sources. 

Warming would not in the least be reduced by substituting for fossil fuels with solar, wind or hydro energy supplies because they are replenished from the Sun. Warming in the environment is caused by spent inefficient energy consumed.  To reduce heat emissions enough to stop warming could require cutting energy consumption and waste to a low level, until entropy increase is prevented by energy removal in endothermic reactions, such as photosynthesis, which absorbs heat with light. Deindustrialisation may be necessary. The theory of warming by greenhouse gases is considered in my previous post here Greenhouse Gases Not To Blame.

My satirical book Animal Farm 2 explains paradigm-shifted climate science.


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