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Speed of Light may not be Constant

Why Relativity Exists

Light may vary in speed but we are unable to detect that because both our perceptual apparatus and our brain function via electromagnetic transmission.
My fiction novel Time is Gold will be published soon. Maxi is a marathon runner who applies relativity theory in her brain and dilates time.

Time stretches in a fast time frame

Why Relativity Exists

Time dilates when you try to measure the speed of a train from another going at a different speed, or when you compare cognitive response times with reflex times.
My fiction novel Time is Gold will be published soon. It tells how a marathon runner wins by mental training for time dilation by relativity.

Time is relatively okay.
Do we need to recalibrate clocks with the latest scientific timepiece? It seems tyrannical to have to hitch our wagon train to such an exclusive and inaccessible instrument. In any case, Einstein’s a priori assumption that the speed of light is constant prevents that being verified by measurement because no independent clock is available. The notion of universal time seems practically useful but epistemologically unsound. Updating it obfuscates the main issue which is that humans have become obsessed with regulating their affairs by timepieces instead of tuning into personal experience of time. I have written a fiction novel Time is Gold which explores time in athletic endurance.

Time measurement is assumed to be precise.

Flow can dilate running time

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